To use Fixel with Bing Ads, all you need to do is verify that you have the Bing UET (Universal Event Tracking Tag) on all of your site’s pages.

Once that tag is available, the Fixel snippet will automatically trigger custom events to your Bing Ads account. These can then be used to create remarketing lists in Bing Ads.

The Fixel events will use the following naming convention:

  • Event Category – ‘Fixel’
  • Event Action – the current score of the user, e.g. ‘High’
  • Event Label – the Segment’s display name you’ve chosen in the initial setup, e.g. ‘MySite’

Creating remarketing lists

To create the remarketing lists in Bing Ads, please follow these steps:

  1. Click the Campaigns page, and then on the left pane, click Shared Library.
  2. Under Shared Library, click Audiences.
  3. Click Create remarketing list.
  4. Enter a remarketing list name.
  5. Under Who to add to your list, select the type of visitor and set rules that define who to include in your remarketing list.
    • Event Category equals ‘Fixel’
    • Event Label equals the relevant user score, e.g. ‘High’
      Fixel scores use the following naming: High, Med, Basic
  6. Under Membership duration, specify how far back in time Bing Ads should look for actions that match your remarketing list definition in order to add people to your list.
  7. Optional: Enter a description to help you remember what audience you are targeting with this remarketing list.
  8. Under Tag name, select an existing tag.
  9. Under Scope, select the accounts you want the remarketing list to apply to. You can either select one account or all accounts.

Be sure to repeat this workflow for each segment of Fixel users (Basic, Med, High)

Read more on remarketing lists on the Bing Ads help center