How does Fixel connect with my Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics accounts

At Fixel we like to keep things simple, so we tried to minimize the integrations required by our clients.

Manual Installation

The Fixel script is automatically able to identify your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics installations, and trigger the Fixel scoring events to them.

We don’t require any permissions to these platforms and neither are we able to see data in these platforms.

Google Tag Manager Installation

The Fixel Google Tag Manager (GTM) installation requires that you add your Google Analytics UA code to it. This way the events triggered by Fixel are sent directly to the appropriate Google Analytics property.

As for the Facebook Pixel, we fire the scoring events automatically to all the Pixels identified on the page (one or more.

Advanced: If you wish to selectively trigger only a specific Facebook Pixel, you can update the “Fixel FB Event” tag using the snippet bellow. Be sure to replace <PIXEL_ID> with your actual Pixel ID.

<script> fbq('trackSingleCustom', '<PIXEL_ID>', 'Fixel_{{Fixel_eventLabel}}_{{Fixel_eventAction}}') </script>


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