I can’t see the events in my Ad platform

After installing Fixel, you will receive a notification that your first hits were logged to our server.

Similarly, after about a thousand users analyzed (why so long?), you can expect a notification that the model has been trained and is now firing events. You can expect to see these events in your ad platforms, by default these would be Google Analytics and Facebook.

Fixel events in Google Analytics


Fixel events in Facebook Analytics

If you do not see these events, but have received the above notifications, this means the events are not being fired correctly.

Possible causes


No Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics on page


Add the Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics tagging to your page. For Fixel to work, only the basic PageView snippet is required from either of the platforms.



Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics installed differently than Fixel


For the Fixel script to be able to communicate properly with the Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics, it must be installed in the same manner as they are.

If both are installed using Google Tag Manager, please install Fixel on Google Tag Manager as well.

If both are installed regularly on your site (aka hard-coded), please install Fixel in a similar fashion.

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