Why am I seeing multiple scores in a single session

A user engaging with your website will move across the different scoring categories (Basic, Medium & High) over time. The user’s score will increment as he engages more and more with your site. This means that the same user in a single session can log several events to the platforms you chose to report to.

If a user returns to your site using the same browser (we identify returning users by browser cookie), he will be scored according to the latest score logged in our database.

For example, John visited your site last week and scored Medium. When he comes back this week, he will immediately be assigned with the Medium score. This will trigger two events: Fixel Medium and Fixel Basic.

The reason for the two events being fired is simple – all the Fixel scoring groups are inclusive. Anyone with in the Medium group is necessarily included in the Basic group. Similarly, anyone in the High group is part of the Medium group.

These scoring events are triggered in every session to ensure that your reporting always groups users into all applicable groups they belong to.

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