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Summer 2021 Release Notes

The Fixel Summer 2021 release has arrived!


Introducing Our New User Console

We’re excited to announce that the Fixel console has been revamped to provide a smoother user experience. You might be wondering what has changed


Creating a new segment is now easier than ever. Your ad platform integrations now include Pinterest and Microsoft Ads. Simply toggle through a switch or press a button on your screen and dive right in. Install the segment on your site to let Fixel analyze the data and reveal the hidden value of your site’s visitors.

What’s in it for you?

  • Improved performance
  • Streamlined design to match our Shopify & WordPress apps
  • Simplified onboarding process
  • New integrations – Pinterest & Microsoft Ads (Bing)


If your Fixel trial has ended, but you feel you need some more time to try out all this new feature goodness, contact us, we won’t leave you hanging.

Have a great rest of your Summer!

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