The Fixel Segments

A Fixel Segment observes the user’s activity on your site. All user actions are reported to the segment alongside the user’s attributes (Mobile vs Desktop, Referring source etc.).

Each Segment is identified by its unique Segment ID, which is similar to FXL-12345-67. The Segment also has a friendly display name that will appear on the events associated with it (e.g. in Facebook Ads).

Once the segment has collected enough user data, our machine learning model is able to identify patterns of user engagement and distinguish between different levels of user engagement on your site. It will also create a Predictive Analytics model that can identify a user’s likelihood to engage in advance.

The model created is unique for each Fixel segment you install. We do not use any “industry standard benchmarks” or anything similar. This means that each site will get a different model that takes into account its unique user behavior.

User Scoring

Each user visiting your site will be assigned a score – Basic, Medium or High.

These scoring groups are inclusive, meaning anyone in the High score group is also in the Medium and Basic groups.


Users in the Basic scoring group have expressed a minimal engagement on the site. These users are generally the widest audience we advise you advertise to. Any user that hasn’t reached this minimal threshold is generally considered irrelevant.

We recommend using this segment as your basic threshold for remarketing, so that any user below it is excluded.


Users in the High scoring group are your most engaged users. These users usually represent the majority of actions and conversions on your site. Targeting these users offers you a relatively narrow group of users with a high purchase intent.

We recommend targeting this segment using a higher bid and also using it as a seed for lookalike audiences.


Users in the Medium scoring group are considered to be in an exploration mode. They aren’t yet committed to purchasing so they should be “warmed up” some more.

We recommend using this segment to scale your High segment, probably using a lower bid,  while keeping an eye that its ROI is still positive.

Unengaged Users

Some users won’t be assigned to any of the above three groups. These users haven’t reached the minimal engagement threshold on your site. This threshold is unique for your site and is calculated relatively to other users on the site.

Users that don’t meet this threshold are most likely uninterested in your product or service and so we recommend excluding these from remarketing activities.

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