Using Multiple Segments

A site using Fixel can have one or more segments installed. The usual case would have a main tracker implemented across all pages of your website. Additional segments can be used to differentiate specific sections of your site that are expected to have different user behaviors.

Each segment analyzes the users passing through its tagged pages independently. This results in a different scoring model per each segment.

For example, consider an ecommerce site selling both high-end diamond jewelry and simple necklaces.

In this case, it would make sense to use three segments – “Main” segment across all pages, “Diamonds” segment for the diamond related pages and a “Necklaces” segment for the necklace related ones.

The end result would be user scoring on all three segments. With this scoring, you can run campaigns that are specifically targeting users that were engaged with the “Diamonds” segment or ones that were engaged on a site-wide level.

In cases where user engagement is significantly different across different areas of the site, we have found this separation of segments to be very effective in creating homogeneous audiences.

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