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What is Fixel?

Fixel is a fully automated segmentation tool that ranks your website visitors based on their level of engagement.

Our platform learns how users interact with your site, and by applying advanced machine learning algorithms, we highlight those that matter most.

How does it work?


Once installed on the site, the Fixel snippet tracks dozens of users attributes and interactions as they go through your website.

The script works automatically out of the box, no need for any granular setup.


The data collected is processed by our Machine Learning engine which builds a unique engagement model for every site it is installed on.

Once the model is ready, an additional layer of Predictive Analytics matches users as they come in with their predicted score.


Every user going through the website receives a score based on his level of engagement: Basic, Medium or High.
With every engagement threshold passed, the user’s score is incremented accordingly.


The user scoring is passed in real time into your selected platforms – Ad Networks, DMP, Marketing Automation and more.

You can immediately act on this data in whatever way you see fit.

Why is user engagement scoring important?

The underlying assumption behind our solution is quite simple – Engagement correlates strongly with Purchase Intent. This means that a user that is heavily engaged in your website is of a higher likelihood to convert. This assumption has been proven to be true across various industries, from ecommerce to B2B.

So knowing the user’s engagement level is valuable when we choose to advertise to them again (Remarketing), create similar audiences (Lookalikes) or even use this score for real time optimization of content and offerings.

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