Winter 2020 “Thanksgiving” Release Notes

The Fixel Winter 2020 release has arrived!

In this version, we focused on bridging the gap between Fixel’s available data and yours. With Fixel’s Conversion tracking you can now train our algorithm to identify better audiences on your site. And with our new and improved dashboard, you can now get a glimpse of what happens under the hood of the Fixel algorithm.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Conversion Tracking 🏴
    Every site has different KPIs. While Fixel can pick up on most of them, these vary greatly. So when many of you asked to highlight specific user actions, we decided we would release this as new feature. Some of our Beta customers have already successfully implemented these conversion events to enhance their Fixel Segment’s model.
  2. Segment Dashboard 📊
    Since it’s inception, Fixel has offered a bare bone user console, as the data we processed is visible within the platforms themselves (e.g. Google Analytics or Facebook Ads). Many of you asked for more visibility into Fixel’s audience insights, so as a first step, we decided to release a dashboard with the main KPIs advertisers track. This dashboard is planned to expose more data points and insight nuggets down the line.

What do you have to do?

The Segment Dashboard is available immediately to all customers with installed segments. If your Segment isn’t installed yet, make sure you add it to your site first.

To activate the Conversion Tracking, simply login to your Fixel account at, click on the segment you wish to activate the conversion tracking and select the conversions you want to track. That’s it. No additional code or setup required. Our algorithm will go into work and identify the conversion events that matter to you.

If your Fixel trial has ended, but you feel you need some more time to try out all this new feature goodness, contact us, we won’t leave you hanging.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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