Installation via Adobe DTM

To install Fixel using Adobe DTM please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Fixel account at
  2. Create a new segment using the Code Snippet/Manual Installation option
  3. Log into your DTM account
  4. Select the appropriate company if you work on multiple. If not, just click the Web Property you want to install the Fixel snippet on.
  5. Click Add a Tag
  6. Click Go to Rules.
  7. From the left menu, select Page Load Rules
  8. Click Create New Rule
  9. Give the rule a name
  10. Click the + button to expand the Javascript/Third Party Tags tab
  11. Select Sequential HTML
  12. Click Add New Script
  13. Paste the Fixel snippet in the black custom code box
  14. Give the tag script a name, then click Save Code
  15. Click Save Rule
  16. Click Create Tag

And voilĂ , you’re ready to build your smart audiences!


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