Installing Fixel on BigCommerce

Installing Fixel on your BigCommerce store is simple, but requires adding the snippet directly to the site’s code (unless you are using Google Tag Manager, our recommended installation method).

Be sure to choose a single installation method to avoid duplicate hits

  1. Log into your Fixel account at
  2. Create a new segment using the Code Snippet/Manual Installation option
  3. In your BigCommerce store, navigate to Storefront -> Script Manager
  4. Click on Create a Snippet
  5. Name the script and set its location to Header
  6. Set ‘Select pages where script will be added’ to All Pages
  7. Under ‘Script type’, paste in the Fixel snippet and hit Save

And voilĂ , you’re ready to build your smart audiences!

Additional information regarding the BigCommerce Script Manager can be found on their site:

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