Installing Fixel on ClickFunnels

Installing Fixel on your ClickFunnels site is simple, but please note that not all ClickFunnel sites can benefit from Fixel.

ClickFunnels is a classic one-pager solution. Fixel’s algorithm is able to learn such sites, but you must take into consideration that short one-pagers site will not provide enough data points for the algorithm’s learning.
i.e. a single fold landing page won’t benefit from Fixel in any way

A longer page, with several folds, a clickable FAQ section and a product video (for example) – would indeed be something worth using Fixel with.

Installing Fixel on ClickFunnels

Add a new element – Custom JavaScript/HTML

  1. Click on Add New Element from within a row or click on the “+” below an existing element.
  2. Search or Select “Custom JavaScript/HTML” from the list.

Custom JS/HTML Element Settings

  1. Hover your mouse over the Custom JS/HTML element and click on the Gear icon on the orange border.
  2. Custom Code Type – Select either Regular HTML/JS Code or 3rd Party Embed Code.
  3. Open Code Editor – Add your Fixel snippet

And voilà, you’re ready to build your smart audiences!

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