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Creating Custom GTM triggers

When installing Fixel via Google Tag Manager (GTM), Fixel’s scores can be used to trigger audience creation on any platform that accepts web events. This means that beyond our standard integrations, you can use Fixel with any other platform you work with, for example Google Ads, Marketo, Twitter and many more.

To create this integration, all you need to do is grab the remarketing/conversion tag from your platform of choice and trigger it using the Fixel triggers.

Integration Steps

To integrate Fixel with some of services, for example Twitter or Google Ads (if you are not using our standard Google Analytics integration), you will need to create a specific conversion event in the ad platform and tie it to a specific Fixel score that the user reached. Trust us, it is simpler than it sounds.

Step 1: Create a Conversion in the ad platform

In the selected ad platform, create a conversion/remarketing tag (event based, not a site wide tag).

Twitter Ads

  1. Navigate to ‘Tools -> Conversion Tracking’ and click ‘Create new conversion event’.
  2. Give the conversion a descriptive name, i.e. Fixel High.
  3. Select the type of conversion – ‘Custom’
  4. Specify website tag you will use to track this event – ‘ Use a single event website tag’
  5. Create a tailored audience for remarketing – Yes
  6. Save the conversion event and and grab the code snippet

Google Ads

  1. Navigate to ‘Tools -> Shared Library -> Audience Manager’
  2. Under the ‘Remarketing’ tab, click the + icon
  3. Select ‘Website visitors’
  4. Give the audience a descriptive name, i.e. Fixel High.
  5. Under ‘List Members’ select ‘Visitors of a page with specific tags’
  6. Under ‘Tags’ click ‘ New tag’
  7. Give the tag a descriptive name, i.e. Fixel High.
  8. Save the tag and and grab the code snippet

Step 2: Import the Fixel triggers to GTM

  1. Download the Fixel triggers for GTM (open the link and right click ‘Save As’)
  2. Log into your GTM account
  3. Choose to the Account and Container in which you want to install Fixel
  4. Navigate to the Admin section
  5. Choose ‘Import Container’
  6. Click ‘Choose container file’ and select the JSON file downloaded
  7. Select the ‘Existing’ workspace option
  8. Change the radio button to ‘Merge’

    This is very important so that all your existing configuration carries over to the merged container.

  9. Keep the ‘Overwrite conflicting tags, triggers and variables’ selection
  10. Click ‘Confirm’

Step 3: Create the matching tags in GTM

  1. In your GTM account, add a new tag
  2. Give the tag a descriptive name, e.g. ‘Twitter remarketing – Fixel High’
  3. The tag type should match the tag you wish to create, e.g. Google Ads Remarketing

    For custom platforms, you can use the ‘Custom HTML’ tag to trigger any JavaScript based pixel

  4. Complete the tag’s setup with the information from it’s platform
  5. Set the tag’s trigger to use the matching Fixel trigger, e.g. ‘Fixel trigger – High’

Be sure to repeat these stages for every Fixel score (High, Medium, Basic) that you wish to track.

Manually creating the Fixel triggers in GTM

If you prefer to create these custom Fixel Triggers yourself you can do so quite simply.

First, duplicate the Fixel trigger in your GTM account.

On the new trigger, change the trigger configuration to fire on ‘Some Custom Events’.

Finally, add the specific engagement level you wish to capture by selecting the variable Fixel_eventAction as containing the level you want (High, Med or Basic).

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