Fixel integration in Google Tag Manager

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After importing Fixel into your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account, you will see several new objects in your workspace.


  1. Fixel launch
  2. Fixel Analytics Event
  3. Fixel FB Event


Fixel Trigger


  1. fixel_eventLabel
  2. fixel_eventAction

Fixel Tags

Fixel launch

This is the main tag that operates Fixel. We call our script, and we associate all calls with your unique segment name. Please notice that you can use the same Fixel segment name on different tag managers. Our machine learning algorithm will include all the data from all the sources using the same segment name.

For advances user –

  1. If you would like to operate Fixel for specific pages or to exclude Fixel for some pages (like customer support pages for example), you can change the “Triggering” section only for this tag
  2. You can set the “Fixel launch” trigger number of times for different sections. (for example – for category A and category B). in this case – you will need two different segment names.

Fixel FB & Analytics events

These tags trigger custom events within your ad platform – Facebook Ads and Google Analytics (for AdWords).

Our standard installation support these two platforms out of the box.

These events are triggered on the Fixel Event trigger  and use the Fixel variables to pass the segment name and user’s engagement score (described below).

Fixel FB Event

The output of this event in Facebook will be:

For example, if your segment name is “contoso” and the user’s score is “High”, it will send the event:

Fixel Analytics Event

The output for this event in Google Analytics will

  • Event Category – Fixel
  • Event Action – The user’s engagement level, e.g. “Basic”, “Med” or “High”
  • Event Label – The segment name, e.g. “contoso”

The event category can be customized to fit your reporting needs. You can also alter the Action and Label fields as needed.

We recommend that you do not change the Fixel Trigger associated with the tag.

Fixel Trigger

This trigger work whenever our platform sees that a user reaches to one of the levels – Basic, Medium or High. You do not need to modify this trigger at all.

This trigger will work one time for each engagement level in each session

Fixel Variables

For each Fixel event triggered – we send two variables –

fixel_eventLabel will include the segment name in Fixel

fixel_eventAction will include the relevant engagement level – “Basic”, “Med”, or “High”.

We recommend that you do not modify these variables.

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