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Installation via Google Tag Manager

Installation via Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the recommended way to use Fixel. Apart from being the simplest way to install Fixel, it also provides you with the freedom to choose which platforms the segmentation data gets pushed to, for example platforms like Taboola, Outbrain or any other DMP etc.

Here’s a quick video guide:¬†

To install Fixel using GTM please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your fixel account at my.fixel.ai
  2. Create a new segment (or choose an existing one)
  3. Copy the segment’s FXL ID (e.g. FXL-12345-678)
  4. In GTM, navigate to the relevant workspace
  5. Create a new tag
  6. Under the tag type, click the top most row “Discover more tag types in the Community Template Gallery”
  7. Type “Fixel” in the search box, select the Fixel tag and click “Add to workspace”
    Note that the warnings shown are standard for any custom template used in GTM
  8. Paste in the FXL ID in the appropriate field
  9. Add a trigger to the Fixel tag, usually “All Pages”
  10. Name the tag, i.e. “Fixel launch” and save it
  11. Publish the container by clicking ‘Submit’ on the workspace’s main screen

And voil√†, you’re ready to build your smart audiences!




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