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Guided Setup

When you first create Fixel console you will be presented with our guided setup. Its goal is to help you setup Fixel quickly and easily.

Alternatively, if you’re familiar with Fixel and would like to install using advanced methods, simply click on the ‘Advanced Setup’ link in the bottom of the page.


1. Enter the address of the website on which you would like to install Fixel and click ‘Next‘.

2. Based on the CMS you’re using (e.g. Shopify) we will recommend the best way to install Fixel (i.e. via plugin or manually), in which case you might be sent to the appropriate app store

3. If the manual installation is most suitable for you, you can then create a Fixel account

4. The final step in the setup is to select which ad platforms you would like to integrate with

5. Fixel will then generate a specific snippet for your website. This is the code snippet you’ll need to install on your website, using the code snippet or Google Tag Manager


Need more options? Check our manual installation guide here.

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