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Integrating Fixel with Segment

Fixel events can be used in Segment to ensure consistent user tagging across various platforms.

Integrating Fixel with Segment using DOM Events

To trigger the Fixel events in Segment, simply add this snippet to your site:

document.addEventListener('fxl_event', function(event) {
    analytics.track("Fixel", {
        fixelScore: event.class,
        fixelSegment: event.codeName

Integrating Fixel with Segment using GTM

  1. Log in to your GTM account. This must container must already contain the Fixel installation (detailed instructions here)
  2. Create a new Tag of the type ‘Custom HTML’
  3. Name the Tag in a descriptive manner, e.g. ‘Fixel Segment Event’
  4. Paste the following code snippet:
    analytics.track("Fixel", {
      fixelScore: {{Fixel_eventAction}},
      fixelSegment: {{Fixel_eventLabel}}
  5. Add a Trigger to the Tag – ‘Fixel Trigger’
  6. Save the Tag and Publish the container

And voilà, you’re ready to build your smart audiences!

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