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Uninstalling Fixel

We’ve never really met anyone who wanted to remove Fixel, but just in case, here are the uninstall instructions.

If your trial period has ended and you chose not to continue to a paid plan (that’s crazy talk!), we recommend removing the Fixel snippet to minimize your site’s load time. Trust us, even though Fixel’s script is super-efficient, removing unused code is a good habit.

Snippet Installation

If you installed Fixel using the Snippet installation (for example on a Shopify store), simply remove the Fixel snippet from the site’s code.

In case you used a third-party app or extension to install the snippet, you can either disable that app or even remove it entirely (assuming no other snippets are installed using that app).

Google Tag Manager Installation

If you installed Fixel using the GTM installation, be sure to remove all Tags, Triggers and Variable related to Fixel.

Standard Tags

  1. Fixel launch – If you are using multiple segments on your site, this tag will be multiplied accordingly
  2. Fixel Analytics Event
  3. Fixel FB Event

If you used Fixel to integrate the user scoring to additional platforms (e.g. Outbrain), you might have additional tags to remove


Fixel Trigger


  1. Fixel_eventLabel
  2. Fixel_eventAction

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