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Validating Installation

After creating your Fixel Segment and installing it on your site, our system will automatically send you an email confirming that the data is coming in. This usually happens after a few dozen sessions are tracked.

Manual Validation

If you wish to get immediate feedback or haven’t received the email, you can also manually validate the proper installation of the Fixel Segment.
Simply go to the ‘My Segments‘ page on My Fixel. Find the segment you wish to validate and click the ‘Validate’ icon.


Insert the page on which you want o check and hit ‘Validate’

A new tab will open with the URL you added.

Validation States

  • Popup with two green check marks
    Segment is installed correctly and the Fixel events are already sending
  • Popup with only one green check mark
    Segment is installed correctly and the Fixel events aren’t yet sending
    This means more sessions need to by analyzed before the events will begin to send
    The standard threshold is 500 sessions and 24 hours
  • No popup
    Oh dear, this is awkward
    This means the Fixel snippet isn’t present on the page
    Please double check your installation and clear the site’s cache by reloading the page (CTRL+F5)


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