Installing Fixel on Volusion

Installing Fixel on your Volusion store is simple, but is limited only to stores running Volusion V1.

Installing Fixel on Volusion V1

  1. Log into your Fixel account at
  2. Create a new segment using the Code Snippet/Manual Installation option
  3. Log in to your Volusion Admin Area
  4. Go to Marketing > SEO
  5. With the Default Values tab selected, paste the Fixel snippet into the Globally Appended Meta Tags field
  6. Click Save

And voilĂ , you’re ready to build your smart audiences!

Volusion V2

Unfortunately, Volusion V2 is planned as a simplified version of V1, thus removing the ability to inject custom codes such as Fixel.

The only option to install Fixel on Volusion V2 sites is by manually placing the code in the theme’s body.
Please follow the instructions on the Manual Installation article.

This method is recommended for advanced users.
Please note that when updating the site’s theme you might need to re-install the Fixel snippet.

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