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What kind of data does Fixel collect?


Fixel values privacy and collects only the data we need to operate. All data is anonymized and does not include PII (Personal Identifiable Information)

The data we collect can be divided into two categories:

  • Attributes – Information about the user
  • Actions – Information about user engagement with the website


  • Geographic location – We receive user IP addresses and examine what general geographic location, like country, county, and the city they’re from. We do not save or store user IP addresses.
  • Browser & Device characteristics – We examine user device and browser, it’s size, version, as well as technical information that we believe affects user experience.
  • Time and Date – We log the time and date at which a user visited the website


  • User Activity – We log the clicks, scrolls and time a user spends on site.
  • Returning Visits – We see if an individual session is a new or returning session
  • Parallel Browsing – We track how a user engages with a website in parallel tabs
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