Creating Fixel Audiences in Bing Ads


Creating a Fixel audience in Bing Ads is simple but it does require an active segment (to create segment simply follow the instructions here). Fixel audiences can be made based on the Fixel event and they are:

  • Basic – Visitors that have reached at least a basic level of engagement. Building an audience based on Fixel-Basic will ensure that all visitors have reached a minimal engagement threshold and that all unengaged audiences are filtered out
  • High – Visitors that have reached a high level of engagement. Building an audience based on Fixel-High will provide you with an audience that has engaged extensively with your content and is highly likely to convert.
  • Med – Visitors that have reached a medium level of engagement. More engaged than Fixel-Basic, not quite as engaged as Fixel-High. An intermediately engaged audience.

Hooray, you’ve successfully installed Fixel and user events are flowing in!

How to do it

To create an audience for use in Bing Ad please follow these steps:

  1. In the left pane of Microsoft Advertising, click Shared Library > Audiences.
  2. Click Create remarketing list.
  3. For Whom to add to your audience, select Custom events.
  4. Choose the following parameters:
    • Category: ‘Fixel’
    • Action: ‘High’ (use exact case)
    • Label: The Segment’s name. Use this option only if you use multiple segments on your site, otherwise leave blank.
  5. Set the Membership duration to tell Microsoft Advertising how far back in time to look for actions that match your remarketing list definition in order to add people to your list.
  6. For Tag name, select the UET tag that you added to your website in Step 1.
  7. Click Save.

Be sure to repeat this workflow for each segment of Fixel users (Basic, Med, High)

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