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How to use Fixel with Facebook ads

After the installation and the initial data collection, you will begin seeing events in Facebook ads, with which you can create audiences.

In this post we will outline our suggested recipes for using the maximize the impact of the Fixel audiences. (See here how to create lists in popular ads platforms)


Cut the crap
or: “How to stop advertising to your least profitable clients”

This one is pretty straightforward:

Instead of advertising to all your website visitors try targeting users that reached a minimal threshold of engagement.

For example – instead of advertising to all the website visitors:

We will advertise only to the users who passed the “Basic” filter:

How to test?

Set 2 different ad sets, when the first (control group) including all users excluding the Basic engagement level.

The second group will include only the users who passed the “Basic” filter.

How do I know if it works?

Once both ad sets are running you can easily compare their performance. If the “All excluding Basic” group out performs the “Basic group, try raising the threshold to “Medium” or “High” engagement.


Crème de la crème
or: “How to find the best audiences in your site”

The best audience on your site is usually the largest segment that still has a high purchase intent while keeping a positive ROI.

We recommend using Fixel’s “High” level of engagement together with the classic audiences you can identify on your site like Cart Abandonments or Wish List.

How to test?

Create 2-3 audiences that you think they will be the best audiences and run split test with them on the same creative

Find the largest audience that delivers a positive ROI and stick to it.

Pro Tip – if you find that one of Fixel’s lists works well with the cart abandonment list – check the audience overlap between them to see if it can increase your audience’s volume.


If you have already identified your top converting audience (e.g. “top 10% by time”,  cart abandonment) we recommend you test the added value given by Fixel High engagement audience.

To do so, check if Fixel “High” audience increases the number of users using Facebook’s overlap tool: Select both audiences in Asset Manager -> option -> overlap)

If it does – you can run 2 ad sets simultaneously to see the added value being generated by Fixel like in the following  example

Improving your Lookalikes

One of the problems marketers encounter with lookalike audiences is the lack of intent shown by the user towards a specific product/category, resulting in a low number of users populating this audience (for example – user who purchased specific product)

In order to make better lookalike audiences, you can use Fixel’s “High” list together with the URL ofyour product and build the lookalike according to those lists

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