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Creating Fixel Audiences in Facebook Ads


Creating a Fixel audience in Facebook Ads is simple but it does require an active segment (to create segment simply follow the instructions here). Fixel audiences can be made based on the Fixel event and they are:

  • Basic – Visitors that have reached at least a basic level of engagement. Building an audience based on Fixel-Basic will ensure that all visitors have reached a minimal engagement threshold and that all unengaged audiences are filtered out
  • High – Visitors that have reached a high level of engagement. Building an audience based on Fixel-High will provide you with an audience that has engaged extensively with your content and is highly likely to convert.
  • Med – Visitors that have reached a medium level of engagement. More engaged than Fixel-Basic, not quite as engaged as Fixel-High. An intermediately engaged audience.

Audience Overlap

Another thing worth knowing is that Fixel audiences are mutually inclusive. Meaning that a Fixel-Basic Audience will include both Fixel-Med and Fixel High. While a Fixel Med Audience will include the Fixel High Audience. For this reason, if you want to target a specific level of engagement it’s important to exclude the others.

For example, if you want to target content at users according to their engagement level you will need to Create 3 Audiences: A Fixel-Basic Audience that excludes Fixel-Med, a Fixel-Med Audience that excludes Fixel-High and a Fixel High Audience. This setup will allow you to deliver a specific ad to a specific engagement level. |

With that out of the way Here’s how you build a Fixel Audience.

How to do it

To create an audience for use in Facebook please follow these steps:


  1. Go To Audience tab in your Facebook ads account/business manager
  2. Click on Create audience -> Custom audience
  3. Choose Website traffic
  4. Choose the High level in the event list (it will appear with your segment name)
  5. Do the same for “Basic” & “Med” according to your business needs (list membership duration etc.)

Now that you’ve setup these audience lists you will be able to see the number of users in each list and once they reach a critical mass you can start running smarter campaigns on them.

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