Dynamic Remarketing to Highly Engaged Users

Targeting Highly Engaged Users

Understanding the purchase intent of visitors who haven’t added a product to cart, is a task that requires considerable analysis. Fixel performs this behind the scenes and delivers a simple engagement metric that any marketer can use, directly into the ad platform.

A great approach for eCommerce businesses is to target visitors with high purchase intent. A great example of this is targeting highly engaged visitors who viewed a product page. In this scenario, the product page that the user viewed tells what they’re interested in, while their high level of engagement signals their purchase intent.


  • Expands dynamic retargeting beyond traditional Add to Cart users
  • Comparable behavior and performance from a larger, previously untapped, audience

How to do it

  • Build a Fixel-High Audience in Facebook to be used as a Seed for the LookAlike Audience
    1. Go to your Business Manager on Facebook
    2. Choose to your Ad account
    3. Go to your Audiences
    4. Click on Create Audience
    5. Select Custom Audience
    6. Click on Website Traffic
    7. Choose your Ad account from the dropdown menu
    8. Click on ‘All website Visitors’
    9. Type in ‘fixel high’ to select visitors who achieved a ‘High’ level of conversion

    10. Click on your Segment name
    11. Select a relevant time frame (3,7,30,180), different time frames work better in different situations.
    12. Give your Audience a name, we recommend ‘Fixel-High-7days’
    13. Save your Audience
    14. Click Create Audience
  • Create a LookAlike Audience
    1. Go to your Audiences
    2. Click Create Audience
    3. Select ‘LookAlike Audience’
    4. Click on the text box next to ‘Source’
    5. Select ‘Other Sources’
    6. Select your previously selected Fixel High Audience
    7. Click on the text box next to ‘Location’
    8. Type in the geographic location you want to target
    9. Select the audience similarity percentage. For this a 1%-6% similarity is great.
    10. Click Create Audience
  1. Create a campaign targeting your new LookAlike audience
    1. Go to your Ads Manager
    2. Click Create
    3. Name your Campaign
    4. Name your Adset
    5. Name your Ad
    6. Click Save to Draft
    7. Click on your Adset
    8. Scroll down to Audience
    9. Click on the text box next to Custom Audiences
    10. Click on LookAlike Audiences
    11. Select your recently created LookAlike Audience
    12. Create a compelling creative
    13. Publish the Campaign

Once this Audience is done populating, it’ll be ready to use in your retargeting campaigns. We highly recommend measuring its performance side by side with your other LookAlike audiences, to see how it performs.

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