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Removing Unengaged Users


In terms of advertising cost, it is well known that acquiring new visitors is more expensive than retargeting to visitors who have already engaged with a website. This drives site owners to create site-wide retargeting campaigns, inviting visitors to return to the website. While this tactic outperforms most acquisition campaigns, it still spends a lot of resources on unengaged users that have very low to non-existent purchase intent.


  • Unengaged audiences are known to have low purchase intent
  • Excluding unengaged audiences ensures that your media budget isn’t wasted on window shoppers

How to do it

  • Build a Fixel-Basic Audience in Facebook, to make sure the visitors in this campaign have achieved a basic level of engagement at least
    1. Go to your Business Manager on Facebook
    2. Go to your Audiences
    3. Click on Create Audience
    4. Select Custom Audience
    5. Click on Website Traffic
    6. Click on ‘All website Visitors’
    7. Type in ‘fixel basic’ to select visitors that have reached a ‘Basic’ level of engagement.

    8. Click on your Segment name, usually fixel_yoursite_basic
    9. Select a relevant time frame (3,7,30,180)
    10. Give your Audience a name, we recommend ‘Fixel-Basic-7days’ with the number of days according to your time-frame choice
    11. Save your Audience
    12. Click Create Audience 
  • Create a Retargeting Campaign or Dynamic Product Ad
    1. Go to your Ads Manager
    2. Click Create
    3. Name your Campaign
    4. Name your Adset
    5. Name your Ad
    6. Click Save to Draft
    7. Click on your Adset
    8. Scroll down to Audience
    9. Click on the text box next to Custom Audiences
    10. Select your recently created Fixel-Basic-3days Audience
    11. Create a compelling creative
    12. Publish the Campaign


  • Create a Dynamic Product Ad
    1. To create a DPA simply choose “Show Advanced Options”
    2. And then add the relevant Fixel based audience
    3. For dynamic ads, if you choose product viewers, it will show you visitors who saw a product page and achieved a specific engagement level (Basic, Medium or High).


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