Creating a Google Similar Audience Based on Highly Engaged Users


Google Similar Audiences start with a “seed” of users. This seed needs to have a combination of high purchase intent and robust numbers. While most eCommerce websites use completed purchases and add-to-cart actions as Similar Audience seeds, many eCommerce websites don’t have enough conversion events to create a high-quality seed. Going for a smaller conversion like viewing a product is also problematic with irrelevant audiences being included in the Similar Audience seed.

For them, Fixel offers an alternative.

Engagement as a Conversion Event

It is well established that high engagement with a product is a good indicator of purchase intent. It is, however, notoriously difficult to measure. Fixel’s AI solves that problem by delivering engagement levels as an event directly into the ad platform where an advertiser can use it to target audiences or create similar audiences based on highly engaged users.


  • High engagement is a great indicator of purchase intent
  • When crossed with a product view, it’s possible to create a robust audience similar to Add to Cart users
  • Doesn’t require past purchase data
  • Can be used as a conversion event for websites that lack a specific conversion event ( blogs, magazines or content-oriented websites)

How to do it


  • Build a Fixel-High Audience in Google
    1. Log into your Google Analytics account
    2. Navigate to the relevant Account and Property
    3. Go to the Admin section
    4. On the Property level, open the ‘Audience Definitions – Audiences’ section
    5. Click the ‘+New Audience’ button
    6. Verify that the selected View is correct under ‘Audience source’
    7. Under ‘Audience definition’ click on ‘Create new’

    8. Choose ‘Advanced – Conditions’
    9. Select ‘Event Action’
    10. Select ‘Exactly matches’
    11. Enter ‘High’ (use exact case)
    12. Click ‘Apply’
    13. Name your audience with a memorable name, e.g ‘Fixel highly engaged users’


  • Create a Similar Audience
    1. Create a Campaign
    2. In the Audience section, select Website Traffic
    3. Select Browse
    4. Select “How they have interacted with your business”
    5. Open the tab marked ‘Similar Audience’
    6. Select the Similar audience that matches the audience you’ve previously created in Google Analytics. For example “Similar to Fixel High”

    7. Complete your campaign creative and launch the campaign
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