Dynamic retargeting to Highly engaged users with Google


Understanding the purchase intent of visitors who haven’t added a product to cart, is a task that requires considerable analysis. Fixel performs this behind the scenes and delivers a simple engagement metric that any marketer can use, directly into the ad platform.

A great approach for eCommerce businesses is to target visitors with high purchase intent. An example of this is targeting highly engaged visitors who viewed a product page. In this scenario, the product page that the user viewed tells what they’re interested in, while their high level of engagement signals their purchase intent.


  • Expands dynamic retargeting beyond traditional Add to Cart users
  • Comparable behavior and performance from a larger, previously untapped, audience

How to do it

  • Go to my.fixel.ai and create a segment. Here’s a guide to help you Get Started.
  • Create a Fixel High Audience in Google Analytics
    1. Log into your Google Analytics account
    2. Navigate to the relevant Account and Property
    3. Go to the Admin section
    4. On the Property level, open the ‘Audience Definitions – Audiences’ section
    5. Click the ‘+New Audience’ button
    6. Verify that the selected View is correct under ‘Audience source’
    7. Under ‘Audience definition’ click on ‘Create new’

    8. Choose ‘Advanced – Conditions’
    9. Select ‘Event Action’
    10. Select ‘Exactly matches’
    11. Enter ‘High’ (use exact case)
    12. Click ‘Apply’
    13. Name your audience with a memorable name, e.g ‘Fixel highly engaged users’
  • Build a Dynamic remarketing Audience in Google Ads
    1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
    2. Build a dynamic remarketing campaign that suits your goals
    3. Use your previously built Highly Engaged Audience.
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