Using Fixel in Google Ads with Google Tag Manager

Here’s how you can setup Fixel for Google remarketing Using DOM events.

Install Fixel with Google Tag Manager

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you do that

Create Remarketing Tags for Fixel  in Google Ads

  1. Go to Google Ads
  2. Go to Audience Manager
  3. Click on + to add a new Audience
  4. Select Website Visitors
  5. In List Members click the drop down and select ‘Visitors of a page with specific Tags
  6. Create Tags for Fixel High
  7. Click on ” + New Tag ”
  8. Give your Tag a name For example: “Your site – Fixel High”
  9. Click on Save
  10. Copy your Conversion ID
  11. Copy the Tag’s Label

Create additional Tags for Fixel Med and Fixel Basic by repeating Steps 7-11.

Create a Google Tag Manager Remarketing Tag and Variable

  1. Go to Google Tag Manager
  2. Go to Variables
  3. Create a new variable
  4. Configure your variable
  5. Give your variable a meaningful name – “Fixel Google Ads Events”
  6. In Variable type select Lookup table
  7. In Input Variable Field enter: {{Fixel_eventAction}}
  8. Add 3 rows with the Tags: High, Med and Basic –  pay attention to first letter capital.
  9. Add the corresponding label from the Google Ads Conversion ID that  to each event like so:
  10. Save the Variable

Create a Google remarketing tag

  1. Go to Tags
  2. Create a new Tag
  3. Give your tags a meaningful name – “Fixel Google Ads Remarketing Tag”
  4. Enter your Google Ads conversion ID into the Conversion ID Field
  5. In Conversion Label, Press on + button and add your recently created Lookup Table
  6. Select Fixel trigger as trigger
  7. Save Tag
  8. Publish your newly created Tag
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