Using Fixel with RLSA Ads


RLSA ads (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) are a remarketing tactic which delivers search ads to past website visitors. Advertisers can tailor ads and bids to these visitors when they search for specific keywords. This allows an advertiser to continue with the users’ journey in an organic way while segmenting their bidding according to engagement level.

Fixel allows marketers using RLSA ads to further segment their audiences based on engagement, by removing unengaged visitors from RLSA campaigns and offering specific ads or bids to highly engaged visitors


  • Knowing how visitors engaged with your website can help you gain unparalleled insight into which creative and content you should approach them with.
  • Adjusting your bid for highly engaged visitors is a great way to make sure you’re not missing out the visitors who are most likely to buy.

How to do it

  • Go to and create a segment. Here’s a guide to help you Get Started.
  • Create a Fixel High Audience in Google Analytics
      1. Log into your Google Analytics account
      2. Navigate to the relevant Account and Property
      3. Go to the Admin section
      4. On the Property level, open the ‘Audience Definitions – Audiences’ section
      5. Click the ‘+New Audience’ button
      6. Verify that the selected View is correct under ‘Audience source’
      7. Under ‘Audience definition’ click on ‘Create new’

      8. Choose ‘Advanced – Conditions’
      9. Select ‘Event Action’
      10. Select ‘Exactly matches’
      11. Enter ‘High’ (use exact case) or ‘Basic’ According to the minimal engagement level you’d like to target
      12. Click ‘Apply’
      13. Name your audience with a memorable name, e.g ‘Fixel highly engaged users’ if you went with highly engaged users
  • Build an RLSA campaign
    1. Build an RLSA campaign that matches your goals
    2. Use your recently built Fixel Audience to make sure your ads are only seen by engaged users
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