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How to use Fixel with Google Ads (AdWords)

After the installation and the initial data collection, you will begin seeing events in Google Analytics. To use these audiences in Google Ads (Adwords), you will have to link your accounts and then import them from Google Analytics.

In this post we will outline our suggested recipes for using the maximize the impact of the Fixel audiences. (See here how to create lists in popular ads platforms)

Cut the crap
(or “How to stop advertising to your least profitable clients”)

This one is pretty straightforward:

Instead of advertising to all your website visitors, try targeting users that reached a minimal threshold of engagement. To do this we will advertise only to users who passed the “Basic” filter:


How to test?

Set 2 different campaigns with the first (control group) including all users excluding the Basic engagement level. The second group will include only the users marked Basic and up.

How do I know if it works?

If you can generate better results in a targeting other than the control group – use this targeting. If the control group is better – run a new test with a higher engagement level – i.e. users marked as “Med” or “High”.


Crème de la crème
(or “How to find the best audiences in your site”)

To find the best audience on your website, the largest audience which still generates a positive ROI, we will search for the largest audience that still has a high purchase intent.

We recommend you use Fixel’s “High” level of engagement alongside the “classic” audiences used on sites, such as cart and funnel abandonments.


How to test?

Create 2-3 audiences that you think they will be the best audiences and run split test with them on the same creative

Find the largest audience that delivers positive ROI for you and use it.


Tip – if you find that one of Fixel’s audiences work together with the cart/funnel abandonment audience – examine the Audience Overlap between them and see if it can increase your audience’s scale.

In case you have already identified your top converting audience (e.g. cart abandonments) we recommend you test the added value of Fixel’s “High” engagement audience as it usually identifies a larger audience of similar quality.

Improving your Similar Audiences

One of the problems advertisers experience with Similar audiences is the small sample of users that both expressed interest in a specific item and passed a specific engagement threshold (e.g. time on site). This is a classic use case for Fixel, as it analyzes a multitude of parameters in its audiences.

In order to make better Similar audiences, use Fixel “High” in conjunction with the URL of your product.

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