How to use LinkedIn Audience Segmentation

This is a free standalone tool that isn’t part of the core Fixel solution

When trying to integrate Fixel with LinkedIn Ads we realized that LinkedIn advertisers aren’t able to create Matched Audiences based on events but rather only by URL visited.

This drove to explore different ways to trigger a URL visit in LinkedIn, and ultimately resulted in Fixel’s ability to fire its  segments into LinkedIn Ads as it does with other platforms. In a nutshell, we were able to emulate a pageview without an actual page being visited (similar to Google Analytics virtual pageviews).

Now that we had this unique solution in hand, we figured this is a great feature that it is worth sharing with LinkedIn publishers – and made this a free standalone tool.

This tool can allow advertisers to capture custom events as a seed for their remarketing audiences in LinkedIn. For example, if you would like to create an audience from users who clicked a certain call to action (CTA), e.g. “Request Demo”.

To use the LinkedIn Audience Segmentation tool please follow these steps:

  1. Create your account on the Fixel Console (it’s free!)
  2. Navigate to the LinkedIn Audiences page
  3. Insert the URL you want to trigger in your LinkedIn Ads account
    This URL will indicate the user interaction you want to track, e.g.
    As a reminder, this page does not have to be an actual URL on your site, but must use the site’s domain
  4. Insert your LinkedIn PID (where do I get this from?)
  5. Click “Let’s go” and copy the code snippet
  6. Triggering this snippet can be easily done using Google Tag Manager (as Custom HTML) or even directly on your site.

Make sure that you create a matching audience in your LinkedIn Ads account (learn how) so that these interactions will build your remarketing audiences.


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