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Using Fixel with TikTok

Hooray, you’ve successfully installed Fixel and user events are flowing in!

Now you need to create remarketing audiences from these users so they can be targeted with ads.

This feature is only available for TikTok advertisers using the Developer Mode pixel

To create an audience for use in TikTok please add this script alongside the base Fixel snippet on all pages of your site:

const tk_lookupTable = {
Basic: 'ViewConsultationPage',
Med: 'ClickInConsultationPage',
High: 'ConsultByPhone'
document.addEventListener('fxl_event', (event) => {
let value = tk_lookupTable[event.class];
if (!value) return; ttq.track(value);

The Fixel grades will be represented in TikTok with these values:

Basic -> Details Page Browse (Consultation) (ViewConsultationPage)

Medium -> Button Click (Consultation) (ClickInConsultationPage)

High -> Consultation (ConsultByPhone)


If you’re already using these values for actual conversion tracking, you can swap these with other available events in TikTok.

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